Company | Philosophy

Philosophy and Objective

Korn-Klischee GmbH is traditional and future-oriented.
As an family owned-managed company, we place great importance on the long-term trust of our customers.

We work reliably and with absolute commitment, supported by tradition and years of experience. The majority of our customers have already been with us for many years. Many, in fact, from the very beginning, ever since Korn-Klischee was founded in 1976!

Personal contact with our customers has always been particularly important for us and has undoubtedly contributed significantly to these lasting collaborations.

Trust and expertise are the key factors in our company philosophy.

We represent your interest on site, because our goal is optimal results. Thanks to our partner network, we are always close to you and can react quickly.

On one side we offer tradition and loyalty, and on the other side we offer innovation and progress. These two sides added up makes Korn-Klischee.

The use of the latest technology in pre-press, production and administration allows us, even as a small company, to keep up with the best.

In addition to innovative technology, we are able to rely on well-trained and motivated employees. This is the guiding principle behind our company philosophy and defines our work and collaboration at Korn-Klischee GmbH.

The forward-looking decision was taken in 2012 to merge with U. G√ľnther GmbH in Hamburg and the printing-plate manufacturer Cl. Jaehde GmbH in Berlin. This amalgamation has produced additional synergies that are beneficial for our customers also. We have also been able to significantly extend our range of products and services through this step.