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Concept and Design

Gestaltung und Entwurf Verpackungs Design

Reproduction of design files with newest soft- & hardware

Many routes lead to your packaging. Whichever one you choose, we’ll be by your side.

We often receive print-ready files, which we adapt to the requirements of the chosen print method. You can also send us a finished product, and we will reproduce the artwork from this.

And you can leave the concept and design for your packaging completely in our hands. Experienced designers with knowledge of the special requirements of flexo printing will realise your ideas and can always find a way to match your design ideas to what is actually possible.


Druckvorstufe für flexible Verpackungen

Softproof – Hardproof – 3D-PDF

Pre-press in pre- and post-print, and for flexible packaging. We use the latest pre-press technology and software, which guarantee us reliable and outstanding results.

We proof using processes that have been optimised for this field. This ensures that the colour fidelity can be adapted to all media. The use of printing-machine-specific data means that the print result can be reliably reproduced before printing begins. The cornerstone for this is our colour management, which is always carefully maintained and extended in collaboration with our partners. But we can already visualise your packaging at the design stage with 3D packshots or dummies, giving you a realistic preview of the finished product at any time.